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3M Paint Defender

3M Paint Defender. All shot with about a foot of snow on the ground! CGI/VFX


Strikeforce Tease

Show opener for CBS Strikeforce. Afterglow creates CGI fighters to shatter for this CBS Strikeforce promo that aired before the championship battle. Using a good mix of 3D characters, particle fx and live footage the end result is an intense build up to open the show.

SpaceJunk 3D – Large Screen Film

Afterglow Studios produced over 30 minutes of 4k Stereoscopic CGI and FX for Melrae Pictures SpaceJunk3D Imax film. SpaceJunk3D addresses the growing issues with junk that is left in our orbits after 50 years of space development.

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Tee It Up With Target

Vikings home game fun. Lucky winners at each home game will find out if they have won a $250 gift card from Target.