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Mosaic 360 Videos

When advertising agency, Modern Climate, wanted to wow their client, Mosaic, they turned to Afterglow Studios. With an approved script and verbal direction, we set out to create to create four 360º videos. Starting with rough animatics, we turned our proof of concept into a completely immersive and unforgettable experience.


Services Provided:
• 360º video capture
• Animatic development
• Animation
• Rendering
• Production

Scene & Hurd

Once a theatre production company writing original musicals and plays, Scene & Hurd Productions transitioned into a full-fledge production company. With this transition came a suddenly outdated brand look. Scene & Hurd hired Afterglow Studios to bring its brand to new levels, and one that best represented their new focus.


The process:
We first helped Scene & Hurd narrow its brand goals and helped them discover what it wanted its logo to convey.


This took shape in three ways: 1. As an eagle to show strength and precision, 2. As written text to highlight their writing capabilities, and 3. Elegance through a sophisticated color palette of golden yellow and royal purple.


After designing their logo, we animated it — starting first with a storyboard and animatic, and finally into 2D and 3D animation.


Services Provided:
• 2D and 3D animation
• Graphic Design
• Animation
• Rendering
• Production
• Direction