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Inspiration by Nicole Lulek


I wanted to write a post about inspiration, I had this whole story about a typography site pulling me out of a creative block, but the story was boring and long and somehow didn’t get my point across. In our line of work looking at stuff is a given. We HAVE to. You need to look at reference in order to portray our subjects correctly, whether it be stills or video reference. We need to keep up on new techniques and trends. Plus, we are artists and looking at art is satisfying.

When looking at animation, I tend to look at more motion graphic based stuff, that’s my medium, it’s what I like, you get it. What I forgot about and remembered in the story I was going to write is this: I like looking at a ton of other stuff too and it can all be inspiring. Getting inspired isn’t just “Oh! I love this ____ animation, I’m going to try and emulate it in my next project.” It’s also being reminded that you like to make things and you get to do that for a living. Becoming excited by someone else’s genius. Vibing with a color scheme. Connecting in someway with art that drives you to make art. It makes you think and wakes you up.

Getting inspired can be vital. I have worked at Afterglow since 2010, I started as an intern. In the beginning, I was learning how to use After Effects and also how to animate (I went to school for Art & Design). It was hard, I had to work long hours to make up for my in-experience. Plus, this job is hard, even 8 years later, it can be really demanding. You can get burned out, feel creatively drained or creatively bummed out, feel like you’re in a big rut or (the worst) hit a giant blank wall of creative block. Inspiration can jump start you back to creativity. Remind you that making stuff is why you are here. By here, I mean on Earth. I like to make stuff, it’s what I do.

Here’s a list of sites I like to go to from time to time: – Vintage typography/packaging heaven and the site that inspired this article. – This is my jam. Sci-Fi Art, any type of art somehow related to science fiction. Lots of cool illustration from different eras. Do yourself a favor and dig through this place. Look for Dan McPharlin Artwork. – This might seem unrelated but I love it. Old photography. Check out the Kodachromes, the color is crazy. – Art, design, photography, food, style, architecture… lots of cool stuff. I like it especially for the illustration he finds and the lean towards the surreal. – Another all-in-one type of art loving site. Their tag line is: Championing creativity. The photography on this site is pretty great. – Another all-in-one inspiration site. Lots of design. – Lots of art. – A film stills blog. – Mesmerizing Gifs.

What inspires you to create?