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Pioneer – 360 Tunnel

Afterglow was tasked to create the content for a LED experience tunnel for a live show. The tunnel was created from LED panels assembled together so people attending the event could walk through and be immersed in the Pioneer experience. Watch video and use mouse to scroll around to look in different directions.

Bell Bank – Threads

Services Provided:

• Design Development

• 3D Animation

• Motion Graphics

• Compositing/CC

Andersen Windows – IQ Plus

Exploring Deep Space – Planetarium Production

Afterglow Studios had the great honor of producing a 24 minute dome film for the Institute for Creation Research’s 50th anniversary. This was a full-dome film production that will be part of their permanent film lineup. Produced in stunning 12k and projected on their 4K system, this planetarium production will give audiences an immersive experience for the whole family to enjoy. Using a VR approach, all environments were created in 360 to enable maximum post flexibility during the editing process. This enabled us to rotate the dome to the desired position in relation to audience seating for this particular venue. ICR has a state of the art 14 degree tilt dome in their newly constructed planetarium.

Mystic Lake – All of the Lights

Mystic Lake – All of the Lights

Afterglow was tasked with creating 3D environments for the different transitions. End shot was created from CAD models of the Mystic Lake campus structural model.