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In Store Interactive Displays

In Store Interactive Displays

Sometimes the best solution isn’t the one originally thought of or brought to us. As was the case for Honeywell. Their initial request of producing video content for their video displays quickly ran into issues. Their current screens limited the number of pages and buttons that could be added.


The proposal.
Afterglow Studios reviewed the current system and proposed it be completely replaced with Android tablets for unlimited flexibility for pages, videos, and advanced transitions and color.


Sourcing a solution.
After Honeywell agreed to the proposal, Afterglow Studios sourced over 1500 interactive displays, created auto-launch app software, and designed and animated the interface — enabling Honeywell to showcase 9 different apps that highlighted 6 products in two different languages.


Keeping high-end experiences cost-effective.
To make this effort cost effective and engaging, Afterglow Studios turned Honeywell’s T5 thermostat units into interactive video screens — putting important product content literally in the hands of the buyers. While also blowing away the competition that sat on the same shelf.


To date, we’ve produced and delivered over 3000 units for in-store T5 displays. Visit your closest Home Depot and Lowe’s stores to see the displays in action.


Service Provided:
• Consulting
• Strategy
• 3D printing
• Sourcing and manufacturing
• Animation
• Software development

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